The Kniffen’s

My wife, daughter and I decided to give CodeBusters a try since we have done almost every other escape room in Colorado Springs. After escaping the first room, Stranger 80’s, in record time, we were hooked. We quickly booked the other two rooms in the same evening and were not disappointed.

These rooms are not like most of the other rooms around the Springs. They offer challenging but enjoyable puzzles with lots of cool technology. The rooms are very well built and the themes pretty unique.

The owners were on-site and running the games. They are very friendly and enthusiastic about their business and it was fun to hear their story. Hopefully they will open more rooms but we are definitely going back to check out the VR rooms.

They opened a new room and we were one of the first groups to give it a shot. Once again, we were not disappointed…another awesome room!

The movie related themes are great and the puzzles are truly unique. The rooms here definitely make you think and aren’t just a series of simple puzzles. You and your team must work together, think outside the box and communicate or you won’t succeed.

Looking forward to more games from the folks at CodeBusters!