Newest Escape Room Experience in Colorado Springs

Most unique escape room experience in Colorado Springs bring not only the Traditional escape rooms but also the VR escape room experience and the Heist laser maze.

My family and I had a great time. We did the Stranger 80’s room and the props did not disappoint. The staff are so warm and friendly. The room was challenging and fun. We will be going back to escape the other rooms. If you are in the area and like escape room, I recommend CodeBusters!


Amazing! One of the best escape rooms I’ve been to! Came all the way from out of town and was not disappointed!


We’ve done almost 100 escape rooms and we could not have had more fun than we did doing the Stranger 80s room!

It was SO much fun, the puzzles were challenging but not so hard that they were frustrating, and we had a blast!!

We also loved how well we were treated by the owners – we feel like we made new friends!!

We can’t wait to try the next rooms!!

Mikki Gates

We tried the new “Past to the Future room” and it was so much fun! It has just the right amount of difficulty and is the best room! We loved it! Codebusters has another excellent quality room! We recommend to anyone.


What a great experience! We had so much fun in the Stranger 80’s room. The room was the perfect level of challenge and the theme was so well done. We will be back for more!

Tessa & Jacob Hulsey

Awesome room, will be back to do others and looking forward to crushing different rooms!!!

Thomas Sloan

We had a mix of 2 that had been to an escape room and 2 that had never been. We chose the spaceship theme very well done and enjoyed by all. Thank you it was a lot of fun. We want to try “Strange 80s” next!

Susan Evenson

Was an amazing time. The staff was fantastic and ensured we had a great time.


We had a blast escaping the Space room. It was challenging but not so challenging that our 14 and 12 year old didn’t have fun trying to escape with us. We plan to go back and try their other two rooms. The kids also loved the VR experience they got to play before hand. Would recommend to anyone wanting to try an escape room.


Tried out one of the VR escape rooms and loved it! Will definitely come back to try out more.


Our family of 4 had a blast! 2 adults, kiddos 11 and 5. We appreciated the professional yet friendly staff who helped us have a fantastic time as they provided clues as needed which actually encouraged our children to keep going and did not loose interest for the whole hour. We did the Stranger 80’s room and I consider it family appropriate. We will be coming back for their “Back to the future” inspired room for sure!!!
Thank you for providing a fantastic space for family time here in COS.

Elena Manrique

This is by far the BEST escape room experience I’ve ever had! If you don’t finish a room they give you the option to walk you through it and if it’s just 2 ppl doing the room they will help you out and make sure you get a fun experience! The customer service was PHENOMENAL, the owners were there and they are the nicest people you’ll ever meet! If you’re a tourist they will recommend a lot of great places in the area! My husband and I loved it so much we went again the next day to do another room! Their rooms are so creative and so much fun & the owner designs them!! Seriously best experience you’ll ever have when it comes to Escape Rooms in the area! Don’t miss out on this Colorado Springs Gem!

Marilu Avila

One of the best experiences I have had. Even my 5 y/o joined and with us all, we really enjoyed every minute. This place is a must to check out here in Colorado Springs. I guarantee that it won’t disappoint.

Ricardo Velezjimenez

My husband and I recently visited Colorado Springs and always enjoy a good escape room. The owners were so friendly, had great recommendations for things to do locally, and we even ended up doing 2 escape rooms back to back we had so much fun. We will definitely be back to see the new rooms when we make a visit again. Thank you again for an amazing date night experience!!

Skye Powers

VR experience was so immersive and so fun! Took me a bit to remember I was not in that world anymore… Owners are kind and passionate about what they do and we can’t wait to come back again!

Wendy Pyatt

This place was so much fun! We did the spy escape room, one of the best and most intriguing escape rooms I’ve ever done. Will definitely be coming back, highly recommend!

Cassidy Bassett

Spies Life Escape Room was AMAZING!! Very unique puzzles and room set ups!

Michelle Jackson

Incredibly fun and challenging! Bring some friends and have a load of fun for an affordable price. Great family owned business, kind staff, family oriented (but great for all ages), and perfect for any level of escape room experience.

Qays El-Ali

My family absolutely loved it!!! We had a blast! We have been to many escape rooms and this one is definitely a top one! It was very well put together and super fun! If I’m ever in the area again I will be coming back!

Lauren Allex

CodeBusters was a blast! It’s a small business run by a whole family of awesome people. Our party was six adults and we did the Stranger ’80s room. It was challenging but not hopeless, which was a perfect mix. Go check them out! You won’t regret it.

Tiffany Reagan

Stranger 80s room was excellent, we had a blast! Thanks for a great time, can’t wait to return!

Julie Fuller

Great room. Did past to the future. Great theming and immersion. Have done also Strange 80s. We’ll be back to do the others.

Eric Heckman

My wife, daughter and I decided to give CodeBusters a try since we have done almost every other escape room in Colorado Springs. After escaping the first room, Stranger 80’s, in record time, we were hooked. We quickly booked the other two rooms in the same evening and were not disappointed.

These rooms are not like most of the other rooms around the Springs. They offer challenging but enjoyable puzzles with lots of cool technology. The rooms are very well built and the themes pretty unique.

The owners were on-site and running the games. They are very friendly and enthusiastic about their business and it was fun to hear their story. Hopefully they will open more rooms but we are definitely going back to check out the VR rooms.

They opened a new room and we were one of the first groups to give it a shot. Once again, we were not disappointed…another awesome room!

The movie related themes are great and the puzzles are truly unique. The rooms here definitely make you think and aren’t just a series of simple puzzles. You and your team must work together, think outside the box and communicate or you won’t succeed.

Looking forward to more games from the folks at CodeBusters!

The Kniffen’s

This place is wonderful!! The staff were friendly, extremely helpful, and the Stranger 80’s room was challenging and fun all at the same time. Would highly recommend Code Busters!

Kenny Lambert

The owners are fantastic as well as great game masters. We have finished all of their rooms, and just completed their original home brewed “Past to the Future” room. We give them 5 out of 5 stars for originality as well as how immersive the room was. The puzzles were great, and we would hands down love to see them open another room soon. 😁

Jae Kim

We did Stanger 80’s room. It was decorated in 80s memorabilia and technology was also 80s so keep that in mind when playing. It was fun!! Keep moving as there are a lot of puzzles to solve. We did need a few hints to make it through. We can’t wait to do all the rooms here!

Jill Laramy

As a family of 4 with 2 kids we have done over 25 escape rooms. We have done 2 at Codebusters…and they have been our favorite by far. The team is AMAZING! They offer a mix of challenging puzzles and creative experiences. Beyond the traditional locks and doors. We are looking forward to going back for the rest of the rooms. Highly recommend this experience.

Kristy Hawkins

We visited Codebusters and played the Stranger 80s, and it was a blast. 3 of us had done several Escape rooms and one had not. We all thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Most of the puzzles are interactive and not just your standard locks as well. If you love Escape Rooms or are new to them, you’ll love Codebusters. Also it’s Veteran owned, so it’s awesome to be able to have fun and support our Vets!

Ben Hommerding

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